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The Hottest ESD Programmes in History

The Most Detailed Analysis you can find.

Our Model

Detailed Needs Analysis

Driving Sales Growth

 Improving Profit & Cashflow

Optimising People and Processes

Reap The Benefits

Recruitment & Verification DONE RIGHT

Select from our database of outstanding small businesses or allow our team to carry out thorough verification procedures on your current suppliers or beneficiaries.

We focus on ICT, Hospitality and Professional Services, but this does not stop us from entering into other sectors. Partner with us to ensure your funding supports verified SMEs.

Comprehensive Needs Analysis & Evidence

Our needs analysis is tailored to cover the 15 essential categories of core needs that every SME should address. It includes an online survey along with an in-depth business analysis conducted with the SME. Our team has extensive experience in verifying B-BBEE projects, guaranteeing that you won’t have any concerns regarding our evidence packs.


Guaranteed Impact & Bonus Points

If you choose to invest with us, we will go above and beyond to ensure that our beneficiaries either join your supply chain or generate at least one job through your investment. We cap the number of beneficiaries we work with at 15, ensuring that we focus on a limited number of businesses at a time. This guarantees impactful results from your investment.


Not convinced yet?

We are not surprised. It sounds too good to be true, right? Here are some of the problems we can help you solve:

  • Instantly expand your ESD reach.
  • Peace of mind that impact is made.
  • Never stress about B-BBEE evidence.
  • Achieve sustainability and long-term impact.
  • Always be in the know of our every move.

We limit ourselves to 15 businesses at a time – guaranteeing impact.

Businesses We Have Helped

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Our Investors and Partners